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Our History

Bryan & the late Patricia Cobbold are the founders of StarChild…

StarChild Foundation is situated in Burstwick in East Yorkshire. Bryan is a Master/Teacher in the following systems of
• Usui, 
• Tibetan, 
• Karuna™, 
• Seichem, 
• Seichim, 
• Original 7 Degree System, 
• Raku Kei 
Master/Teachers in the Helen Belot system of:-


The Life of Bryan
I had spent the first 38 years just meandering through life, following the masses and not my heart and doing this I became ill and in 1993 I was diagnosed with ME or Chronic Fatigue as it is also known. The doctors and specialists did what they could but nothing that they gave me had any lasting effect. I turned to alternatives and my catchphrase was “I’ll try anything once” and finally after 5 years found something that worked and lasted, Energy Healing! But the years were not totally wasted, it has all been for a reason.

Finding the true me, the spiritual me has been like a rebirth. This was due to the support and love that I received from my late wife Patricia. We met when I first went to Jersey in 1982 we married 4 years later and stayed together for 33 years until she passed away on the 6th August 2015. My life is so much richer for having that time with her where we could grow spiritually together, a life that has taught me many things, thing’s that I can pass on to others who are also searching.
It was in 1998 that we first visited Mother Meera and we both decided to that we had to be part of the REIKI Revolution. Both becoming Master/Teachers in seven Reiki systems (including the original techniques of Dr Usui) as well the Sekhem System introduced by Helen Belot, completed Shamanic Training, have a Diploma in NPL (Neuro Linguistic Programming) completed my Hypnotherapy and Asyra Pro training.

If you want your life to change,
YOU have to change your Life,
My life changed when I did,
I can show you how to change YOURS!