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Photonic Therapy


Devoloped by Dr Brian McLaren, Photonic Therapy has been successfully used in Australia, United States and here in the UK in thousands of clinical cases, in both people and animals, painlessly and without the risks of skin penetration. It is effective in treating and relieving the symptoms of a wide range of conditions, so it is clear that Photonic Therapy does not rely on psychosomatic, hypnotic or placebo effects but is a valid therapeutic treatment.

Phontonic Therapy is basically the scientific application of light to specific areas of the skin known as acupuncture points. These are points of increased electrical conductivity on the skin which, when stimulated generate electrical signals which are transmitted to the brain by the nerves. Stimulating specific combinations of acupuncture points on the skin causes the brain to release particular hormones and other chemicals appropriate to the condition being treated. These help to relieve pain, increase the immune response, and promote healing.

A Photonic Therapy treatment consists of the stimulation of the correct acupuncture points using the Photonic Therapy torch two or three times weekly for 5 to 10 seconds per point. Usually only six to eight treatments are required for most conditions The longer the condition has existed, the larger the number of treatment’s may be required.

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