About Star Child

Welcome to the StarChild 

We offer a wide range of complementary therapies to totally transform your health and your life, by dealing with the cause of your problem and not just treating the symptoms.

All of our treatments are tailored just for you, for we recognise that everyone is different and has different needs.

We offer realistic guidance and continued support whether you come for a treatment, an Asyra Pro test, a workshop or training in any of the courses that we offer.

We care so much about you, that we offer appointments to suit your time schedule be it daytime, evening or weekends, and of course all of our products are VAT/GST free.

You can be sure that at StarChild you will receive a warm welcome, and a personalised service. You will be treated as an individual where your needs are paramount.

Although situated in the East Yorkshire village of Burstwick, distance is no problem as the world is getting smaller! Our Healing Sanctuary is second to none and  it offers peace, tranquillity and total relaxation whatever your visit is for.

We are certificated Masters of eight different healing systems including both Reiki and Sekhem both of which are taught at the StarChild Healing Sanctuary.

As International teachers we realise the importance of making sure that students understand the teachings, and make sure that sufficient practice time is given to know how to use the healing energy

We ensure that all of your questions are answered whether it be in class or after the course. We ensure that you receive continued support and offer attendance at the monthly shares. These shares are part of your ongoing training enabling you to practice and receive healing.

We provide up to date teachings and extensive manuals which are updated as the need arises.

And don’t forget, should you ever feel the need, you are able to attend a second scheduled class should you wish to at a reduced rate.

All the products offered by StarChild are free of chemicals and suitable for vegetarians.