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Reiki Energy Master/Teacher

 Reiki Energy Master/Teacher is a six day intensive. The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.

Practice time includes giving complete Reiki initiations in 5 Reiki systems (Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Usui Tibetan Reiki, Raku Kei Reiki, Radiance Technique (Original 7 Degree System of Reiki) and Seichem Reiki).

It was my intention after becoming involved with Reiki to become a Reiki Master/Teacher, and pass on the Energy, to share the magic and wonder with those who wanted their lives to change for the better, and remember Reiki is not just a healing system.

For students who undertake Energy Mastery and any form of spiritual development, we feel that it should be something extra special. This will be, and should be, one of the most profound experiences on your spiritual path, therefore it is important that you receive the gift of this Reiki Energy Mastery Course in a location that you are comfortable in. We hold course in many locations, so please check with us for the next venue.

Reiki has now become very popular Worldwide. Like everything positive that comes into the human domain it can be spoilt by people’s egos. We have heard so many claiming that their Reiki is better than others, or that they are one of the top Reiki Masters in the world and other misguided statements that do little to increase the standing of Reiki in the community. This course provides the practitioner with five forms of Reiki and Energy Healing currently taught, and a few other techniques not taught. This course ‘levels the playing fields’ and provides our students with the best possible training available.

I will be available to you for advice and support well after your course, therefore Teacher and student have to be comfortable with each other’s vibrations. You will have been drawn to this course for a variety of reasons and that is why I ask that you state your intent on the application form. Reiki is about harmony and I will ensure that those who do attend the course will find that harmony, light and peace required to find their true inner Master.

Write-ups for each individual module of the course are included in the application pack.

The techniques taught are as near to the originals as is known, giving the student as broad an experience of the energy as possible.

On completion of the course, students will be certificated in the above Systems and in receipt of the complete teachings and symbols for each discipline. The student will be able to take classes and give all initiations for the differing systems.

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