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Experiencing the Light of
Mother Meera

 I first Experienced the LIGHT of Mother Meera in 1998 and it was truly an event that was to change my life and Patricia's forever.

That first trip was run by Simon Treselyan who later became my Reiki Master, we went again in 1999 and 2000 at which time Simon told me that he was not going to organise any more pilgrimages. He said why don't you organise them, so I did and ran the last one in 2007.

During that time we met some pretty incredible people and I helped many on there spiritual path.

I have been asked repeatedly since 2007 if I would organise some more pilgrimages to Mothers Ashram in Germany, but with the farm in Wales it was just impossible, but now that I have relocated back in Jersey I will be planning some trips in the near future. Keep checking or go onto the mailing list for instant information as these will be limited to 9 people.


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