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Introduction to Bushcraft/Survival


TheIntroduction to Bushcraft Survival Course is designed to give you an insight to the many facets of this fascinating subject. On this two day course you will receive instruction and obtain first hand practical experience of bushcraft and survival skills including primitivefire lighting techniques,shelter construction, camp-craft, navigation techniques (day & night), tree identification (and uses) and basic camp cookery. At the end of the course you will have a better understanding of just how huge and varied the subject is and be able to make an informed choice as to which road you wish to travel to gather a better understanding and knowledge of the subject. Be warned though, it could be all of them Bushcraft is addictive!Hammock and Tarp

After an initial brief and instructional session, you will split into groups of four and each group must construct a shelter, prepare a meal and administer themselves for 1 night. They may wish to test there skills by sleeping in the shelter they have constructed over night. We will supply all vegetables but you must bring your own meat (evening meal) and breakfast.

The course works by setting a number of goals and skills to be mastered. The instructors will give clear demonstrations on fire lighting, shelter construction and cooking the food provided. After each demonstration it is up to each group to practise and perfect the technique. Great forteam building.

All lunches, vegetables, beverages and water is provided. We will provide Ploughman's style lunches (Special Dietary requirements – Please bring your own), we will also provide vegetables for your evening meal you will have to provide your own meat. If you bring something to snack on we suggest Fruesli bars or something similar.

Course Name: Introduction to Bushcraft
Location: Private Woodland
Cost per person: £120.00
Course Size: 16 (maximum)

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