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Fundamental Bushcraft/Survival


Bushcraft is the most encompassing of all the outdoor pursuits.Survival skills, native crafts, primitive technology, ethnology; gatheringwild food and backwoods cookery, camp-craft, expedition skills, tracking and wildlife watching are all aspects of this fascinating subject.

Could you travel on a wilderness adventure safe in the knowledge that should you lose your pack, damage vital equipment or become stranded far from civilisation, you can improvise using materials from the natural environment?Breakfast Gathering

Could you build a shelter without man made fabrics, or make fire by friction if you have no matches?Could you feed yourself from the wild?

Find, filter and purify water without the aid of modern chemicals or containers?

Do you carry these ancient skills in your mind and muscles, as well as the modern equipment in your pack?

This course is designed to equip you with a sure foundation of knowledge and the necessary skills to explore the art of Bushcraft. It is conducted entirely outdoors in a friendly campfire atmosphere and will go ahead in all weathers. No previous experience is necessary, but a reasonable level of fitness is required.

The course has been designed to introduce the whole range of techniques, while concentrating on the most important. The end result is self- reliance, closeness to nature and improved self- confidence in the outdoor.

The course works by setting a number of goals and skills to be mastered. The instructors will give clear demonstrations on the following:-

• Firelighting, including by friction

• Water Collection & Purification

• Plants For Food & Medicine

• Natural Cordage

• Safe use of Cutting Tools

• Looking after the land and leaving no trace

• Backcountry Hygiene

Outdoor Safety

After each demonstration it is up to each group to practise and perfect the technique. Great for team building. On the final day, there is a certified test, giving you the opportunity to apply skills learnt during the week in a challenging and realistic scenario. This course will be conducted from an expedition style camp. You will not live from the land during this course although one meal will be of wild food. For the rest of the time normal meals will be provided, allowing each student the opportunity to do some backcountry cooking.

All food, beverages and water is provided.

Course Name: Fundamental Bushcraft
Location: Private Woodland
Cost per person: £440.00
Course Size: 16 (maximum)

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