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Using cutting edge technology combined with other therapies and over twenty years experience our goal is to empower you to take charge of your life at every level - your health, weight, physical, mental and emotional balance.

Bushcraft takes over from basic survival training, bushcraft is the knowledge that allows us to experience nature close up using skills that could have been used by our indigenous ancestors. Intregrated with new techniques bushcraft opens our eyes and all our other senses to a whole new way of thinking and we see the world in a totally different way.


Tarp in Woodland


Bushcraft encourages us to a much greater cultural tolerance and to notice more keenly our effect upon the world. We believe that this ancient outdoor knowledge is most important to our futures.

We are realists, so we do not hold to any restraining dogma, accepting the new technologies while tempering their use with more ancient wisdom. After all, who is the better prepared hiker - the one with the global positioning navigation device or the hiker who can use the new equipment but can also rely on their ability to readnatures signs for direction? The truth is that the older skills enhance the most up-to-date while the newer skills simply validate the knowhow of our ancestors.

It is my firm belief that everyone can value from the knowledge of Bushcraft; hopefully this is reflected in our courses. My passion for the outdoor life started when I was very young and my mother could allways find me down in the woods. As I grew older I would be away at any free moment camping, hill walking and fishing. I later enlisted into the British Army where these skills came in very useful along with the more advanced skills I was taught and used for several years.

As you will soon realise, bushcraft is the art of the possible.