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Using cutting edge technology combined with other therapies and over twenty years experience our goal is to empower you to take charge of your life at every level - your health, weight, physical, mental and emotional balance.

First Step to Good Health

- Prevention is better than Cure -

 Asyra Health Screening

In our practice we have always come across people that knew that they didn’t feel right but didn’t know what therapy they wanted to try in an effort to feel better than they did. As therapists using many different tools we then helped our Clients to decide which  therapy to use to begin to harmonise the body. Often we would use many different therapies together in order to establish the root cause of the imbalance.

Now with the Asyra Pro we are able to undertake many different bioenergetic health screenings in just a few minutes in order to identify and resolve the root cause of your ill health. Ill health can be caused by many things, stress, emotions, toxicity, trauma, food allergies, yeast,, hormones, and environmental sensitivities to name but a few.

The ill health or imbalance can manifest into many different things:-





and many more chronic illnesses.


At the heart of the screening is the Comprehensive Health Analysis which quickly undertakes 75 different tests of organs and health systems to identify weakened or stressed areas.

This system quickly identifies issues with internal organs, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin response and much, much more.

Only five minutes testing with the Asyra Pro can form the basis of an in-depth consultation, helping us to map out the most effective route to optimal health for you. What’s more the testing is probeless, painless and non-invasive and does not require a blood sample.

Tests Available include:-

  • Food Intolerance (220+ different foods tested)
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Vertabral Profile
  • TMJ Stressors
  • Dental Causation
  • Allergy-Sensitivity Profile
  • Miasm Influence (inherited/genetic)
  • Constitutional Influence (cohesiveness of the body)
  • Emotional Stressors (mood, temperament, personality)
  • Hormonal Profile (mood swings, reproductive, immune function etc)
  • Toxic Stressors (heavy metals, detoxifying)
  • Nosode Susceptability (pathogens)
  • Metabolic-Digestive Profile (thyroid, digestion)
  • EFT
  • Spectrum Disorders


And much much more

You will be pleased to know that you do not have to decide on which tests to take - based on your symptoms, the Practitioner and the Asyra Pro results will decide this for you. However if you have a particular interest in a specific test this can be added.

Screening involves holding two brass cylinders while the system measures the response of your body to signals output electronically. It is completely painless and non-invasive, and conducted in comfort with your qualified practitioner beside you throughout the process. You are able to watch the whole process on the computer screen.
Your results will be ready immediately, and will serve as the basis for discussion between you and your practitioner.

Homoepathic Remedy

Not only does the Asyra identify the root cause of the problem, it also searches through its database and produces a homoepathic solution to help correct the imbalances identified. This remedy is specific to you and is given to you as part of your test.

Low-level laser Technology
The vibration from the homeopathic remedy that has been made for you, is also imprinted into a pen like device. This low-level laser is used to pass your unique rectifying remedy through your body, starting your journey back to good health straight away.

In Summary, an Asyra Pro test:-

Treats the cause, rather than just the symptoms
Prevents the problem, rather than wrestling with ill health once it arrives
Provides your stepping stones to good health
Identifies why you don’t feel in the best of health
The process is completely painless
Your journey back to good health starts immediately


Asyra screening is suitable for any one.



Whilst it is lovely to meet all of our Clients, we do realise that not everyone can journey to see us!

We are able with this fantastic bioenergetic technology to undertake your testing without you even leaving home. The substance of your hair and fingernails contain all we need to know about you, so in your absence we can test 5/6 strands of your hair or clippings from your fingernails to undertake the test.

As with attendees at the StarChild, you will receive a full report and the homeopathic remedy designed just for you.

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